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Formateur / Marketing / Stratégie commerciale


Formateur / Commerce International / Supply Chain


Formateur / Business developer / Pack office

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Soufian is one of, if not the best, manager I had to work for and with during my time in London. He is the definition of what a leader in a company should be : hardworking, honest, intelligent, loyal, skilled and wise. Even with all those qualifications, he will always exceed your expectations. He knows exactly how to encourage you to give the best of yourself and make you feel confident. He is definitely the manager that everyone should have.

Veronica L

Coordinatrice de Projet

Sur linkedin

Soufian is one of the most effective manager all people I have ever worked with. He is a hard worker and unparalleled analytic and problem solving skills. Whenever I had a problem, there has never been a time, he has left me without a solution. Besides being a joy to work with, Soufian is a take-charge person who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to the company. He definitely helped me to pass a level.

François H

Chargée de Com

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